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omg_the_sex's Journal

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Apply at your own risk


Read Me: A lot of communities have been getting soft and some are just plain ignorant. Here at omg_the_sex a long application of your rambling or a lot of hot pictures of your body aren’t going to be good enough to get you in. You need to be good looking, and you need a personality to go with it, put it in simple terms you need to be the sex. We are the elite of the elite, if you think you have what it takes to be a part of omg_the_sex than please continue to the rules. But if you already know you don't have what it takes, or you can't take rejection well, than you are welcome to get out now.

a. All your posts including the application have to be Friends Only or you will be auto-banned, there is a reason why we make these rules and they are there to be followed this is a very simple rule and this is your only warning. If your application is not friends only you will be rejected.
b. Answer all the questions honestly, don't answer with what you think we want to hear. We want the truth and a diverse range of members with different personality, different values and morals.
c. Do not skip any questions check your application before posting it, it's not that hard and you have more than enough time to answer each question, honestly and fully. If you missed a question and you realize it before I notice it you can go back and fix it, however if I notice it before you, you will be auto-rejected.
d. You cannot edit your application in anyway once it has already been posted unless a mod asks you too, or as i have stated in the above.
e. Don't write in slang or type. LyKe DiS. it gets very annoying when trying to read. You're all capable of writing in English and not like a moron. However if you are not capable do not waste my time or yours, because you wont get in.
f. Use an Lj-cut if you are posting large text (ex. surveys) or if you are posting pictures. If you cannot figure out how to use an Lj-cut ask someone or Google it.
g. Do not alter the application in anyway, no rich text.
h. Put "Im The Sex!" in the subject line.
i. An swer all "sway" me comments, if you don't at the time of your stamping it will be counted against you as a "no" vote. If you can't take the time to try to sway a member than it shows that you don't really care about being part of omg_the_sex.
j. You have 48 hours to post your application, this is more than enough time for you to put effort into it.
k. It doesn’t matter how old you are go ahead and apply, but if you're a teeny bopping little twat don't expect to get in.
l. Don't post anywhere other then your application until you've been stamped.
m. Don't argue with us, you wont win. We're already proven to be the sex you're not.
n. We're better than you, until you get accepted than you'll be omg_the_sex just like us.


a. You need to earn at least 45 points a month to stay in the community it’s not that hard to do we just ask that you at lease try to apply yourself here.
b. Be honest when voting, being honest doesn’t always mean being a bitch. Don’t go over board but be honest, be harsh, and be realistic. After all you are the elite you went threw the process you’ve passed the test you are officially the sex.
c. Put Yes//or//No//or//Sway in the subject line, then tell everyone why you voted this way. I don’t want to see a NO at the top with a period in the text area or a “because” answer. Give your reasons why you voted how you voted.
d. Promote our community at least once a week, it’ll benefit you and the community as a hole after all it’s really not that hard and you do earn points for it.
e. You must stay active in the community, if you need to take a hiatus that’s fine just notify us before hand so you don’t get removed from the community.
g. This Community is based 50% on looks and 50% on personality. Meaning just because someone put a lot of effort into their application but their monstrous ugly (in your opinion) than vote how you see fit. Or if they are out of sight stunning but dumber than a doorknob vote how you see fit.

Application 1


Scavenger Hunts
Weekly Contest
Coloring Contest

Members Page
Members Points
Member Of the Month
Contest Winners
Year Book
Coloring Winners

Earning Your Points

Online Scavenger Hunt (+10)
Live Scavenger Hunt (+20)
Survey (+10)
Poll (+2)
Weekly Contest (+10 Participation) (+30 Winner)
Coloring Contest (+10 Participation) (+20 Winner)
Superlative (+20 Participation) (+35 Winner)
Making Banners(+5)
If we use the Banners(+10)
Long Text (+5)
Short Text (+2)
Pictures (+2)
Promoting (+1)

Winning M.O.T.M

The person with the most points will be awarded M.O.T.M
They will have their picture Displayed till the end of the month.
Be awarded +50pts.
1 Auto//Accept reject to use with in their month.
Can challenge any member for free.(But will not be removed if they lose.)

Spending Your Points

-75 Yes//No vote x2
-150 Yes//No vote x3
-200 Auto Accept//Reject
-250 Challange a member out
-250 Add a question on any application
-500 Make your own application

Promo Banners


Please contect the mod x_x_kristie_x_x to be a sister community.